Press Releases

Louise Slaughter Visit to Eastman Business Park August 4, 2009

In August of 2009, we held an event at Building 205 where US Congresswoman Louise Slaughter along with Kodak CEO Antonio Perez and VP Brad Kruchten, announced that the United States Congress had inserted new language into its Climate Control bill to provide exemptions for Kodak's power plant. Provided the bill is passed with the current language, Kodak and Eastman Business Park will save tens of…  read more →

New Monument Signs June 29, 2009

The Eastman Business Park (EBP) continues to increase its own brand awareness with newly updated monument signs in two key locations - - on the corner of West Ridge Road and Lake Avenue, and at the entrance of what is known as Building 28, located at 200 West Ridge Road. This is just one example of our ongoing efforts to market the site as a viable and attractive opportunity for businesses looking…  read more →