GreenLight Biosciences to build pilot plant, create 30 jobs

February 25, 2020

Roc Starts news article

Bioperformance company GreenLight Biosciences plans to construct a pilot plant at Eastman Business Park. The project will create up to 30 new jobs that will support the production of GreenLight’s RNA-based solutions for the agriculture and healthcare industries. The pilot plant will enable GreenLight to bring GreenWorX™, its cell-free biomanufacturing process, to market in order to produce low-cost, high-quality RNA. RNA is a natural molecule found in all living organisms – animals, plants, fungi and humans – that facilitates virtually every biological process of life. The production of RNA through GreenWorX™ will help farmers grow food in a way that is natural and safe by targeting specific pests without harming other species or the environment. GreenLight’s innovations can also be used to accelerate the discovery and commercialization of vaccines and antibody therapies…

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