Energy Storage

Kodak Cell Assembly Center Completes Energy Storage Development Hub

The Kodak Cell Assembly Center, created in partnership with the New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium (NY-BEST), streamlines the product development and manufacturing process for advanced batteries and energy storage devices.

The Kodak Cell Assembly Center completes an ecosystem of three core processes for energy storage manufacturing, providing coating, assembly and testing all in one location. The facility allows design and development from small to large scales, eliminating cost-heavy hurdles that slow and sometimes shut down promising technology.

“Opening the Kodak Cell Assembly Center will improve the success rate of energy storage companies,” President of Eastman Business Park and Corporate Real Estate Dolores Kruchten said. “The energy storage cooperative we’ve built with Kodak Coating Services, the new Kodak Cell Assembly Center, and DNV-GL and NY-BEST with the BEST Test and Commercialization Center is a game-changer for development and innovation. We make it possible to do coating, assembly and testing all in one location for the first time.”

The center includes two multi-user battery cell assembly lines to provide pilot manufacturing services to battery and energy storage companies. The effort complements electrode development capabilities and expertise at Kodak Coating Services — and the BEST Test and Commercialization Center, a battery cell commercialization and testing center located in the same building.


Manufacturing tools include:

  • Low and high volume tools that support development of custom multi-layer thin films, applicable to next generation solar, fuel cell and battery electrodes
  • Pilot coater for development of specialized coatings onto various substrates
  • Analytical services staff with extended hours of availability
  • Environmental chambers that allow accelerated testing under various atmospheric conditions
  • Engineering expertise in coating, drying, web conveyance, converting & formulation

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