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Cerion Energy labs

The April 2014 issue of the maritime trade magazine – The Super Yacht Report – features Eastman Business Park tenant Cerion Energy, whose pioneering nanotechnology developed by former Kodak scientists has become one of the most innovative super yacht products on the market today.

The product is GO2, a fuel additive that provides yacht owners with a significant fuel savings benefit, while reducing emissions and carbon grime build-up on the hull from the exhausts of the big vessels.

Article author Don Hoyt Gorman says he was intrigued by Cerion’s product research, and by all the accolades coming from yacht owners using the product, that he decided to come to Rochester, NY to “see for myself how GO2 is made, how it’s sold, and ultimately to try to determine whether it’s worth all the attention.” Gorman says a quick answer to those questions was an undeniable ‘yes’.

Not only was he impressed by the company, Gorman says he was “floored” by Eastman Business Park – the place where Cerion has set up shop. EBP has “its own power plant, and its own railway line, locomotives and cars. It was an industrial city, totally self-sufficient,” he said.

Inside the labyrinth of hallways and work areas leading to Cerion’s manufacturing center, Gorman says he saw “new companies taking root, using parts of the (Park’s) vast infrastructure to build new businesses, create new jobs and offer new solutions to a rapidly consuming global economy.”

About GO2, Gorman concludes “it’s such a simple thing and, to my mind, a brilliant product: a diesel additive that cleans the engine and exhaust, reducing smell, soot and grime, perfectly suited to the superyacht market and driven by innovations in industrial chemistry.”

“GO2, to me, should be championed not only by engineers, but also by the wider market as the kind of smart business our industry should celebrate,” he said.

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