The Park and Resurrection

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The park and resurrection. That's the title of a recent Rochester City Newspaper article highlighting the economic importance of Eastman Business Park and the growth of some of our tenants, like Natcore Technologies.

This article details the types of industries that we are attracting to EBP and the companies who have found success here:

  • Functional films, which are thin, flexible materials coated to make things like circuits, touch screen sensors, or battery components. Eastman Business Park has a commercialization center for the films and is home to several businesses built around the technology.
  • Energy storage, or in layman's terms, batteries, fuel cells, and solar technologies. Natcore falls into this category, as does NOHMS, a company developing advanced lithium battery technology. The park is also home to a battery commercialization center operated by NY-BEST, a consortium of businesses, utilities, universities, and government officials focused on advancing energy storage technology.
  • Biomaterials, a category that includes biochemical companies like the DuPont subsidiary Genencor; Novomer, which makes polymers out of carbon dioxide waste streams; and biofuels operations like Sweetwater Energy, which is led by Paetec founder Arunas Chesonis. (All of those companies have a presence in the park.)

Mark Peterson, president and CEO of Greater Rochester Enterprise is quoted as saying "These three industries build on Kodak's history as essentially a materials science and chemical manufacturing company. They use the same lab, manufacturing, and industrial equipment and infrastructure that Kodak traditionally used. Businesses at the park are essentially taking Kodak's processes and adapting them for their needs".

EBP Director Mike Alt sums why this facilty is attracting high-tech companies. "If we were just offering space, we probably couldn't compete. We want to offer the ability to solve your technical problem and then give you one of the best places in the US to do your manufacturing."

Read the full Rochester City Newspaper article to learn more.

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