Energy Storage

Manufacturing ecosystem for emerging energy storage companies.

Home of the BEST Test & Commercialization Center, EBP is rapidly becoming a hub for the development of critical next generation battery and energy storage technologies designed to improve the reliability and resiliency of our nation's electricity grid, as well as support hundreds of new product applications from Li Ion Batteries, to PEM Fuel Cells, to Ultracapacitors.

Companies and universities from around the world are converging here to create prototypes for new energy storage and generation systems, test them, do pilot manufacturing and then get business assistance to take those products to market. From start to finish – it's all here!


Manufacturing tools include:

  • Low and high volume tools that support development of custom multi-layer thin films, applicable to next generation solar, fuel cell and battery electrodes
  • Pilot coater for development of specialized coatings onto various substrates
  • Analytical services staff with extended hours of availability
  • Environmental chambers that allow accelerated testing under various atmospheric conditions
  • Engineering expertise in coating, drying, web conveyance, converting & formulation

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