Wet Labs

Eastman Business Park has a full range of Wet Laboratory Spaces

The Park boasts one of the largest inventories of available Wet Labs anywhere, with over 500 available on its Rochester, NY campus.  The Wet Labs already support the research efforts of multiple companies with plenty of room to welcome new initiatives.

Building 59, on Lake Avenue, one of Kodak’s original research buildings, is home to almost 400 Wet Labs.  The labs are available individually or clustered en suite with offices.  The building also is capable of hosting small manufacturing operations.

Building 320, on Ridgeway Avenue, is home to several Wet Labs and contains an available vivarium.

In total, Eastman Business Park has 517 available Wet Labs to choose from, ranging from under 50 square feet to over 1,000 square feet.

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Building 59 - Laboratory

Eastman Business Park - Bldg 59 - Home to 400 Wet Labs
Wet Lab interior at Eastman Business Park in Rochester, NY
Wet Lab Interior at Eastmans Business Park in Rochester, NY

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