Roll to Roll Manufacturing

Roll to Roll manufacturing, or film-based manufacturing is one of the historic areas of expertise for Kodak. Rochester is Kodak’s worldwide hub for motion picture film production at Eastman Business Park and we have film supply agreements with all six major Hollywood studios. We continue to make consumer film too.

Our film business is being revitalized, earlier this year we announced the launch of our first Super 8 camera product in 30 years. The announcement generated huge buzz among Hollywood’s elite movie makers, including Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams and Quentin Tarantino.

And there are many new applications for ROLL 2 ROLL manufacturing processes. Our research labs and film coating equipment are being used by companies in the energy sector to design and commercialize industrial batteries to store solar and wind energy for the grid and power trains, buses and automobiles.

Roll to Roll Manufacturing

We are using packaging and ROLL to ROLL technology to make touchscreens for phones, tablets, laptops. Kodak’s approach produces touch panel sensors far more simply. Taking a process with 50 manufacturing steps today down to 10 in the future.

And films for solar energy collection and anti-microbial use in healthcare and military applications all rely on Kodak’s film coating expertise.

Whether it's product development or small scale manufacturing, Kodak's experienced staff can help you select the coating and testing processes that best fit your materials.


Dan Ocorr
Pilot Coating Manager | 585-944-9279