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Rochester is in Reach 

Our location in Western NY is a competitive advantage because Rochester is in close proximity to major East Coast markets without the high cost associated with a major metropolitan area. One-third of the US and Canadian population is within 500 miles of Rochester, NY.

In addition to our proximity to major markets, the Rochester, NY Region also is in close proximity to an abundant supply of fresh, reliable water. Approximately 7% of the world's fresh water is right in our region. It is no wonder more than 100 food and beverage manufacturers are located here.

 City  Driving  Flying
Boston 390 miles  ~1.3 hrs
Cleveland 250 miles  ~1.25 hrs
New York 330 miles   ~1.5 hrs
Philadelphia 340 miles   ~1.1 hrs
Toronto 150 miles ~51 minutes 
Washington DC 330 miles  ~1.25 hrs
Map - Proximity to Rochester NY

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A Natural Beauty

Places Rated Almanac ranked Rochester, NY the 6th best place to live in the US.

This is due in part to our excellent quality of life, including nationally recognized public schools, and extensive cultural and recreational amenities. The natural beauty of the region, four distinct seasons and some of the most affordable housing in the US, combine to provide the ideal place to build a business and raise a family.