Plastics Manufacturing

The Site For Plastics Converters

Situated fewer than 300 miles from major polyethylene and polypropylene resin producers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Ontario, plastics parts manufacturers are in a uniquely strong position at Eastman Business Park. Adding to the convenience, local supply chain assets include precision manufacturing, engineering, packaging support, and a number of regional food & beverage and parts manufacturers who are perfect customers for plastics converters.

A feedstock cost-advantaged production location, Eastman Business Park has everything you need to make your product and transport it wherever it needs to go–although you’ll probably find that you won’t be sending it far.

Amenities include:

  • Steam capacity of 1,500,000 pounds per hour from utility-grade boilers, with additional emergency backup boilers.
  • 117 Megawatt electricity firm capacity onsite with backup inter-connections with the public utility.
  • 60,000 ton chilled water capacity, with a nominal supply temperature of 40°F.
  • Full service rail and truck facility with significant railcar storage onsite.
  • Prime location on Interstate 390 roadway with easy truck access to and from the park 24-hours per day.

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