Pro-Tek Expands Operations at Eastman Business Park

March 30, 2010

Eastman Business Park recently welcomed a new business into Building 350.

Pro-Tek Media Preservation Services which offers a variety of services for owners of motion picture film and video, and is headquartered in Burbank, California, has now opened an east coast archival facility in Building 350 at EBP. 

Pro-Tek is a Kodak subsidiary and provides services that include preservation, inspection, repair, and consulting on motion picture media issues.

 Building 350, a former paper coating building, had a portion of the building re-purposed not too long ago for non-hazardous chemical storage, and now will also be used for controlled condition archival purposes.  An existing cold storage room was upgraded to better control humidity and temperature for the Pro-Tek operation. 

The EBP location provides an east coast storage solution for major motion picture studios.  Original film and sound tracks are archived for future use, and continue to be a very dependable long term archival media.  Pro-Tek manages pallets of media, using a bar code and computer system which tracks and maintains the movie inventory located on pallets in the temperature controlled area.

The EBP is very pleased that Pro-Tek is here and looks forward to their continued success and future growth.