Microchip Announces Strategic Partnership With Xymox Technologies for Printed Multi-Touch Sensor Solutions

October 23, 2014

Xymox’s Flexible Printed Sensors Combined With Microchip’s Low-Power Touch Electronics to Meet the Growing Demand for Low-Cost, Faster-Time-to-Market Human-Interface Solutions

CHANDLER, Ariz., Oct. 23, 2014 [NASDAQ: MCHP] — Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog and Flash-IP solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Xymox Technologies to provide customers with a complete, cost-effective touch and gesture interface solution with industry-leading low-power touch electronics and printed flexible touch sensors supporting a wide range of existing and emerging markets.

Xymox’s printed transparent PEDOT:PSS conductive polymer sensors made with KODAK HCF (Highly Conductive Film) combine with Microchip’s low-cost, low-power touch electronics to enable fast, inexpensive development of touch and gesture enabled devices. This unique strategic partnership addresses the common constraints of flexibility, total system power and cost that are critical in modern designs in the fast-paced consumer markets, such as wearables and handheld controls as well as the industrial markets with bar code readers, thermostats and various other human interface devices.

Microchip’s turnkey touch controllers combined with Xymox flexible printed sensors made from KODAK HCF Film materials provide customers with a complete, low-cost, low-power, flexible, gesture-enabled interface solution for cost and power constrained designs.

Customers can leverage fast turnaround and low manufacturing minimums of Xymox printed sensors to integrate with Microchip’s versatile touch electronics solutions to keep pace with their changing touch interface requirements. Xymox can design and manufacture a custom projected capacitive sensor that is a cost-effective alternative to traditional ITO sensors. Xymox printed sensors are also formable to meet the challenges of curved surfaces in today’s modern designs.

“Microchip’s industry-leading low-power touch electronics solutions combine with Xymox’s flexible printed sensors made from KODAK HCF Film materials to provide a complete touch and gesture enabled solution that is well suited to meet the cost and power design challenges of modern applications such as wearables,” said Fanie Duvenhage, director of Microchip’s Human-Machine Interface Division. “Microchip makes it easy for customers to add touch and gestures to their design by offering complete solutions through this new strategic partnership.”

Examples of Xymox printed flex sensors with Microchip electronics will be featured at IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA, Santa Clara, CA, November 19-20, 2014 (Xymox Booth #C26). For more information on how to start a flexible multi-touch design, contact Bob Heidenrich, Xymox at 414-365-6122 or

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