Local start-up making sustainable french fries in Rochester’s Eastman Business Park

January 21, 2021

Farther Farms, a food technology company, is building a sustainable food processing platform in Rochester’s Eastman Business Park. CEO Mike Annunziata discussed the newly introduced fries and the vision behind them Wednesday during our Greater Rochester Enterprise Why ROC conversation. “We’re a startup based here in Rochester making sustainable french fries,” Annunziata said. “We’re doing it up in the Eastman Business Park. We’ve been here about two and a half years and officially launched our french fry to the Rochester community about a week ago to some pretty strong reception.”

Farther Farms uses a gentle carbon dioxide pressure treatment to produce great tasting french fries that require no refrigeration or freezing. Over time, Annunziata said the technology has the potential to reduce reliance on cold chain infrastructure.

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