Eastman Business Park named nation's top industrial site for the production of biomaterials

May 14, 2014

Influential biofuels trade journal cites EBP's comprehensive capabilities to accelerate the commercialization of biomass-to-biomaterials innovation

ROCHESTER, N.Y., May 14– The nation's most widely read online daily newsletter for companies, researchers and policymakers in the biofuels sector has named Kodak's Eastman Business Park as the nation's top industrial site for the commercialization of biomaterials.

Biofuels Digest – with more than 650,000 unique readers via the web, its newsletter and social media network – stated that the multi-faceted industrial complex in Rochester, N.Y., is “loaded with partners and ready infrastructure for the scale up of technologies" in the biomaterials sector.

“Eastman Business Park has a comprehensive suite of test, validation, prototyping and pilot manufacturing tools that are specifically designed to help accelerate innovation beyond the lab from prototyping and proof of concept into commercialization," the publication said.

Jim Lane, editor and publisher of Biofuels Digest, said EBP's new $25 million Bioscience Manufacturing Center factored into the publication's decision. “The Bioscience Center really is at the heart of the Park's fully-integrated innovation ecosystem for the commercialization of biomaterials," Lane said. “Once it's completed, this toll manufacturing facility will pose a unique low-cap solution for many mid-stage bio-companies in converting first and second generation sugars into a wide range of renewable chemicals and biodegradable plastics."

In accepting the recognition, Michael Alt, director of Eastman Business Park, said, “This is a great honor and a huge boost to our ongoing efforts to transform EBP from a chemical facility into a clean technology campus for the development and manufacture of products in the key industry categories of biomaterials, thin films, and battery and energy storage."

“With over 50 companies employing thousands of workers on site, EBP is a critical component of the commercialization solution for biomaterials companies," Alt said.

One of those companies is Naturally Scientific-US. Under a joint venture between UK-based Naturally Scientific and BCW Chemicals, a New York-based LLC, Naturally Scientific US (NSUS) plans to establish operations at EBP, where the company will convert concentrated C5 and C6 sugar solutions into high-value plant and vegetable oils for a broad range of industrial applications.

Keith Wilson, Managing Partner of Naturally Scientific U.S., said, “The combination of world class infrastructure at Eastman Business Park and supportive business environment in New York State, led by Governor Cuomo, made it clear that choosing the Park as our U.S. headquarters was in our company's best interest, and in the best interest of the community."

Another tenant, Cerion Energy, is manufacturing a diesel fuel catalyst at EBP that cuts consumption, reduces costs and lowers emissions in the multi-billion dollar diesel fuel business. It is also working on collaborative projects with local partners in the areas of battery technology, biopharmaceuticals and other fuel catalysts.

“Without EBP, we would have had to build our own pilot-scale production capability and purchase our own lab equipment, costing considerable investor capital," said Matt Winslow, Cerion's Vice President of Business Development. “In addition, we have been able to take full advantage of Kodak's vast knowledge dealing with a sophisticated manufacturing operation, as well as the ability to maneuver through complex environmental and regulatory compliance issues – not to mention a unique infrastructure that includes access to utilities, logistics and materials handling support services."

While not a tenant, another company – Denver-based GEVO, Inc. – is working with Kodak's Solvent Recovery Operation at EBP to refine crude streams into an advanced biofuel, allowing GEVO to focus resources on commercializing its innovation.

“Kodak's broad chemical processing capability and breadth of experience have enabled us to refine Isobutanol, a versatile chemical for use in a variety of petrochemical value chains, thus providing our customers with a bio-derived alternative to fossil fuels at a price that is competitive and less volatile than petroleum," said Greg Roda, Chief Commercial Officer, GEVO.

“Our physical and experiential assets are a tremendous and ready resource to any start-up to middle stage companies looking to substantially reduce the time and expense it takes to become a self-sustaining enterprise, to create advanced manufacturing jobs in the innovation economy, and turn a profit," Alt said.

“Whenever you get recognition from a well-known journal like Biofuels Digest, it can only help us to continue to ramp up those efforts." he said.

About Eastman Business Park
Eastman Business Park is a unique, multi-use advanced manufacturing and research center in Rochester, N.Y. This 1,200 acre campus encompasses over 100 buildings, 2.5 million square feet of space, and over 50 miles of integrated roads and rail. Often referred to as a 'city within a city,' EBP possesses a self-generated utility infrastructure, plus bench top to prototype analytical tools and equipment supporting the acceleration to commercialization of clean technology products in the materials science space. For more information on EBP visit and follow on Twitter @FollowEBP.


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