Eastman Business Park Bioscience Manufacturing Center Gets Boost from New York State

December 11, 2014

Three companies located at Eastman Business Park also receive Empire State Development funds for Finger Lakes region projects

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Dec. 11, 2014 – Funding was awarded today for the construction of a new facility at Kodak’s Eastman Business Park (EBP) to convert sugars made from renewable feedstocks into biochemicals, bioplastics and biofuels.

New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that the State will provide a $2 million Economic Development Award – a supplement to the $3 million previously committed – to support construction of this new 60,000-square foot facility at the Park.

The State also announced Economic Development Awards to three tenants of Eastman Business Park:

  • Fairport-based LiDestri Foods will receive a grant of $468,300 for a high-pressure processing system which will be installed in the 625,000 square foot manufacturing facility the food processing company owns and operates at the Park. David Stoklosa, Vice President of Business Development for LiDestri, said the technology offers regional food retailers a proven method of preserving the high quality of fresh foods while eliminating any potentially harmful pathogens present in the food.
  • American Fuel Cell, a company created last year by three former General Motors Corp. executives and based at EBP, will receive $500,000 to further develop membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs), a key component in the manufacture of hydrogen fuel cells.
  • Albany-based MICROrganic Technologies, Inc. will receive $100,000 to commercialize both its Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) technology — and advance the development of OEM production equipment to convert from chemical to electrical energy the organic waste processed at wastewater treatment facilities.

The EBP Bioscience Manufacturing Center will consist of fermentation tanks, sterilization tanks, pumps, separation equipment, seed tanks, product storage and air compressors, allowing for upstream sugar suppliers to convert their non-food plant materials into high value products such as biochemical and biodegradable plastics.

Michael Alt, Director of EBP, said, “The Park is a perfect place to site the new Center. All the physical infrastructure, technology backbone and skilled workforce needed for the project can be found here – including access to three bio-refineries, specialty chemicals capabilities and thin film manufacturing along with a full suite of pilot and analytical tools – as well as wastewater treatment facilities, water and rail access.”

According to Alt, development of biomaterials and biofuels is a key technology focus area at EBP. Several initiatives involving two other clean technology sectors – battery/energy storage and functional films – are moving ahead as well due to the Park’s unique infrastructure and assets. They include the projects by American Fuel Cell and MICROrganic Technologies who were also named recipients of the Economic Development Awards. Dan O’Connell, CEO of American Fuel Cell, commented: “Our technology requires unique chemistry formulations and manufacturing processes that are available at EBP. Here we can leverage the Park’s thin films coating capabilities for low cost, high speed manufacture of MEAs.”

O’Connell said applications for its technology range from fuel cells for backup emergency power units to electric vehicles such as forklifts and airport baggage carts. The Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) system being developed by MICROrganic Technologies “represents a very cost-effective method to clean up waste streams and take the strain off aging waste water infrastructure,” says David Hessler, CEO of MICROrganic.

“The technology can be implemented on-site at facilities like industrial food processors, reducing surcharges on disposal, as well as at municipal facilities, reducing operating costs considerably,” said Brent Solina, President and Founder of MICROrganic. “However, the requirement to produce high-quality, inexpensive electrodes using the thin films coating capabilities at Eastman Business Park is a key to successful development.”

“As the Regional Council’s top economic development priority, the Eastman Business Park represents our hope and aspirations for Rochester and the Finger Lakes region,” said Assembly Majority Leader Joseph D. Morelle. “Today, with the announcement that critical funding has been made available for the Bioscience Manufacturing Center, LiDestri Foods, American Fuel Cell and MICROrganic Technologies, we have taken another significant step toward realizing our full vision of the Business Park becoming one of the nation’s preeminent industrial parks for technological innovation. I thank Governor Cuomo, our friends at Kodak, my colleagues on the Regional Council and our many community partners for their unwavering commitment to ensuring the success of these projects and the Business Park.”

“We all know the special place Eastman Kodak has in Rochester history. Funding for these projects through the Regional Economic Development Council will help lead the new future of Eastman Business Park and its re-birth as a manufacturing and new technology destination, while creating good paying jobs for the Rochester economy and our local workforce,” said Senator Joe Robach, 56th Senate District.

“Eastman Business Park is one of the City of Rochester’s crown jewels, and it is home to many new and innovative businesses that will define Rochester’s future,” said City of Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren. “By including four park tenants in these awards, Governor Cuomo is sending a clear message: Eastman Business Park is on its way back, and the state is ready and willing to invest.”

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