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You Can’t Beet This

G’s Fresh, Ltd., is UK-based company that produces ready-to-eat packaged beet products and bottled beet juice under the brand Love Beets. A year ago, when G’s was in the process of launching their beet juice product and looking for a US bottler, they contacted LiDestri Foods, a contract manufacturer which had recently expanded in the Eastman Business Park (EBP) in Rochester, New York.

What G’s found in Rochester was almost too good to be true. Not only is the region the second largest beet-producing region in the US, the 1,200-acre Eastman Business Park is completely integrated with utilities — steam, electrical, chilled water — critical to food processing.

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But the biggest win with locating in the park is the industrial wastewater treatment system. If it were to be built today it would be about a couple hundred million dollars. Instead, G’s was able to add the company’s wastewater stream to the industrial wastewater treatment system which helps feed the aerobic basin, creating energy for the EBP tenants. Solid waste will find its way to animal feed outlets or companies like Sweetwater Energy, also in Rochester, a company which uses non-food plant material to produce concentrated sugars for energy. This is a zero-landfill plant.

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