Chemical Manufacturing

Infrastructure for bio-based and fine chemicals oriented manufacturing.

With a mature transportation system able to handle ample supplies of raw materials, competitive energy costs from its own onsite power grid, access to abundant water supplies and treatment operations, an onsite refinery and within 500 miles of many top national markets, Eastman Business Park is uniquely positioned to support the creation of fine chemicals, biochemicals, bioplastics and other clean technology products.

An environmentally responsible site recognized by the EPA, DEC, and Department of Energy, The Park offers analytical and testing tools, chemistry scale up, chemical toll manufacturing, HSE support, project management and logistics support for a research and manufacturing ecosystem aimed at accelerating the production of next generation technologies.

Chemical Manufacturing

Amenities include:

  • Facilities designed to support chemical manufacturing
  • Full portfolio of utilities services
  • 50 million gallons per day of industrial water supply and commensurate wastewater treatment capacity
  • Steam capacity of 200,000 lbs/hr
  • Ability to refine, store and ship your chemical products
  • Ability to repurpose the power/steam generated from your processes within the site
  • "Shovel Ready" parcels that shorten the building permit process
  • Analytical services staff and equipment
  • Ample supply of various biomasses (e.g. corn, switch grass, algae) within a small radius of Eastman Business Park

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