The Successors of Kodak: How a Successful Employer Can Influence the Business Environment

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We can assume you’ve heard of at least one (if not all) of these companies: L3Harris Technologies, OLEDWorks, Lumetrics, Snomax. What do they all have in common? They were inspired by Kodak technology as well as founded by people who worked at Kodak previously.

L3Harris Technologies emerged because of the invention of Kodak’s K-1 Camera which was used during World War I. Following World War I, Kodak was enlisted to support the National Reconnaissance Office which dealt with satellite weaponry. After World War II, Kodak’s role was to receive the images from the satellite to develop the images and interpret them. As time and technology progressed L3Harris Technologies’ partnership grew even more.

Another example is regarding OLEDWorks founded in 2010 by ex-Kodakers. Organic LED was developed by a researcher at General Electric in 1962. In the 1970s and 1980s Kodak scientists explored this same technology (the use of organic materials for light-emitting diodes). However in 2009 Kodak sold their OLED division to LG for $100 million. By 2015, OLEDWorks purchased Philips’ OLED division which helped their company grow to what it is today.

Kodak also inspired companies like Lumetrics and Snomax who were inspired by technology that had not yet been fully developed. In 2002, Lumetrics emerged from the research labs of Kodak and other local companies, specifically through thin film measurement technology from Kodak. Similarly, Snomax formed through Kodak’s expertise in manufacturing due to their investment in biotechnology during the late 1980s. Although Snomax’s headquarters were formerly in Colorado, a half-dozen sales reps now reside in Rochester. Talk about full circle! 

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