RED-Rochester Continues Progress on Gas Conversion Project at Eastman Business Park

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1-13-17 B-371 I beams starting to go up for Gas Conversion Project at Eastman Business Park

In an on-going project to convert Eastman Business Park in Rochester, NY from coal to natural gas, RED-Rochester (Recycled Energy Development) continues to make progress toward completion of the transition. This project to make Eastman Business Park coal free will effectively eliminate emissions of sulfur dioxide and heavy metals, reduce CO2 emissions by 50%, among other environmentally beneficial results. This will allow for incoming businesses to the Park to operate more cost-effectively and in a more environmentally friendly manner.

As work on the project continues, the foundation of the area was back-filled and readied for further construction. This will complete the work for LeChase Construction until spring when they will return to complete additional concrete work.

Now that the foundation is set, structural steel has started going up on B-371. The use of structural steel is changing the appearance of the Park on a daily basis as evidenced in the accompanying photos. The process to assemble the steel structure has required a lot of teamwork and communication between the crane operator and the workers in man lifts putting the steel beams in place to ensure integrity.

In conjunction with the structural steel work, conduit for the electric from B-321 to B-371 continues to be put in place. The conduit being run is 4 inches in diameter. In addition, Kodak water tie-ins are completed; one on the north side of B-371 and one on the west side of B-371, and the north fire main digging started last week.

The gas line instillation going to 44 boiler is completed until the outage when the flex lines will be put in going to the burners. Leak testing of the gas line and clean up are currently taking place and the gas line blow off, done with nitrogen, will take place this week.

Temporary piping has been installed from the skids with shut off valves for each skid a common line from shut off valves runs to the outside roof on the 6th floor of 44 boiler. Each skid will be blown a number of times to remove any welding material from the lines. Once the lines are blown clear a nitrogen cap will be put on the gas line to keep moisture out.

Check back in again soon as we will providing regular updates on the progress of this project and details regarding work completed.

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