NY-BEST Conference on Emerging Energy Storage Technologies

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<p>The development of battery and energy storage technology is rapidly changing, with batteries, electrodes, ultracapacitors, thermal and mechanical energy storage technologies experiencing new and exciting breakthroughs.</p>


<li>What are the basic concepts needed to understand the technologies in the energy storage industry?</li>

<li>What are the advantages and limitations of different energy storage technologies?</li>

<li>What are the emerging and future technologies in the energy storage space?</li>


<p>Today, consumers are demanding longer life for their smart and portable electronic devices. Huge incentives are focusing attention on electric and fuel cell vehicles. And localities are increasingly investigating renewable energy sources for the electric grid.</p>

<p>These and other questions will be answered during a one-day conference hosted by NY-BEST &ndash; the New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology consortium -- September 25th at the Crowne Plaza, 701 East Genesee Street, in Syracuse, NY.</p>

<p>The conference will focus on current developments in battery and energy storage technology research and development &ndash; from early stage research to technology development, testing and evaluation.</p>

<p>The goal of the conference is to promote collaboration by bringing together leaders from industry, government and academia to discuss and share their findings in the exciting and rapidly-evolving field of energy storage.</p>

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