Life in the Fast Lane: the Innovation Express rolls into EBP

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Doug Hall is on a mission. The bestselling author, serial entrepreneur and founder of the Innovation Engineering Institute, wants to change the world – empowering and enabling innovation by everyone, everywhere, every day. Studies show his highly intense four-hour Innovation Express seminar helps participant companies speed products to market – up to six times faster than the traditional route – with decreased risk by those same companies of between 30 and 80%.

Eastman Business Park and Steele Electric Co. – the regional Innovation Engineering Network affiliate – hosted Hall's fast and furious Innovation Express at EBP last May 21st, giving local entrepreneurial companies a quick “look, see and how to" experience into Innovation Engineering.

“Unlike other training workshops, this was the fast-paced high speed excitement of the Kentucky Derby and Indy 500 rolled into one, teaching attendees a new way of thinking, in one four-hour morning session," said John Steele, management consultant and founder of Steele Electric. “It's an experience that demonstrates a new, imminent and completely relevant approach to innovation, utilizing a system for inventing, testing and developing ideas that customers are willing to pay more for now."

Steele said the Express is always fast and fun. “Attendees come away in a four-hour morning what colleges and universities teach in four semesters of study," Steele said. “IE is the new field of academic study in the fast lane. It provides concrete results, focuses on the needs of each entrepreneurial enterprise, and leaves the leaders of those companies with actionable items they can apply to their businesses that afternoon."

“Nobody leaves a Doug Hall conference without that 'Eureka Moment,'" Steele said. For more information about sparking success with Innovation Express and Innovation Engineering programs, contact John Steele here.

For more information on the Innovation Express, click here.

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