Kodak’s Current State: Eastman Business Park and Beyond

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Kodak is alive and well! As a Rochester staple, they have risen from the ashes and are still operating today. Although local employment has dropped to a fraction in comparison to its peak in 1982, the company has earned $1.3 billion in revenue in 2018. However, in 2017 Kodak earned $94 million with a disappointing net loss of $14 million. Despite the loss, the company still continues to directly contribute to the Rochester community.

Not only does Kodak continue to contribute to the community, it also takes up a good amount of space in Rochester. The Kodak Park was renamed Eastman Business Park which is a sprawling 1,200-acre research & development. Also included is a manufacturing campus with over 16 million square feet of multi-scale manufacturing, distribution, lab and office space. Within the campus there are 114 onsite companies that employ more than 6,000 people working in a variety of different industries related to next-generation technologies.

After earning his PhD in organic chemistry from California Institute of Technology, Terry Taber, who joined Kodak in 1980, shares his insight on Kodak’s past, present and future. He has had many different roles with Kodak and offered a unique perspective on seeing the transformation of Kodak with the organization, products and technology.

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