Kodak Specialty Chemicals Group at Eastman Business Park

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A “factory within a factory” in a “city within a city.”

The scope and capacity to custom synthesize and toll manufacture hundreds of different chemical compounds – all at the same time and in the same plant. That’s the subject of a new video produced by Kodak Specialty Chemicals group, which is located at Eastman Business Park’s vast innovation, commercialization and manufacturing complex in Rochester, NY.

Video footage shows the operation of Kodak’s 88 glass-lined and stainless steel reactor systems scaled from 22 to 3,780 liters. Depending on the need and application, the chemical facility can handle everything from pilot batches to multi-ton commercial quantities. The reactors are configured three apiece with a centrifuge – a veritable “factory within a factory” that offers customers total flexibility to produce functional dyes, intermediates, complex organic products, specialty polymers, gels and others – plus confidential custom manufacturing services as required.

The video explains that Kodak Specialty Chemicals skilled technicians use a time-tested “House of Quality” system that includes a Six Sigma Black Belt focus, rigorous change management, statistical design approaches, and unsurpassed manufacturing process control. It’s based on a legacy photographic imaging system that can understand the impact of impurities in parts per million.

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