Innovation and American Manufacturing Reimagined at Eastman Business Park

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How can America revitalize its high tech manufacturing sector? That answer – revealed in an initiative currently deployed at Eastman Business Park – was highlighted in a panel discussion involving key EBP officials during the 2nd annual Wharton DC Innovation Summit April 28-29 held in the nation's capital.

With Michael Alt, director of Eastman Business Park, serving as a panel moderator, Kodak communications director Kelly Mandarano presented EBP's unique commercialization model for next generation high technology products. Kelly stated that companies coming to EBP's commercialization accelerator are utilizing an innovation ecosystem of development tools and infrastructure on the path to the production of next generation energy storage devices, solar cells, touch screen sensors, renewable fuels and other products.

Currently approximately a dozen of the more than 50 companies on the multi-purpose research and manufacturing campus are utilizing elements of the program, known as the Innovation, Manufacturing and Materials Science Institute (IMMSI).

Included in that total is a cutting edge advanced materials developer for the energy storage industry, NOHMs Technologies Inc. Their technology development has been supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), National Institute of Health (NIH), Department of Energy (DOE), Air Force, DARPA, Army Research Labs (ARL), NYSERDA, and, most recently by a $750,000 grant from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to develop the next generation batteries for the NASA space program.

Rich Delmerico, CEO, NOHMs Technologies, said the company's innovative battery materials technologies are designed to increase the range and payload capabilities of spacecraft while reducing operational costs. Read more about the announcement here.

Regarding IMMSI at Eastman Business Park, Delmerico said the “Excellent capabilities at EBP have enabled NOHMs and other advanced technology companies to gain access to world class facilities including analytical equipment, pilot coating and battery testing that represent a significant savings for us – equipment and experience we can leverage and use on an as-needed basis as we commercialize our technology for the market."

The Wharton summit panel, entitled The Role of Alliance Management: Why Collaboration Matters, also featured two of the nation's most prominent members in academia: Dr. Stephen Tang, President & CEO, Greater Philadelphia Science Center; and Dr. A.T. Charlie Johnson, Associate Chair for Undergraduate Affairs, Physics and Astronomy, University of Pennsylvania. Collectively the summit included hundreds of private, public and academic thought leaders, plus inspirational entrepreneurs seeking connections to funding sources and potential partners to help innovators network, connect and succeed.

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