Igniting innovation and growing resources for Energy Storage at The Park

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Eastman Kodak Company recently joined a global consortium of energy storage industry leaders to support advancement of lithium-ion batteries. Last week, that consortium announced a memorandum of understanding with the Townsville City Council in Australia to investigate the viability of building a 15GWh battery manufacturing plant there. Through its work at Eastman Business Park, Kodak will provide coated anode and cathode electrodes and cell manufacturing.

“The goal of the consortium is to ignite innovation in the lithium-ion battery arena, and we aim to lead by example through the work done at Eastman Business Park,” President of Eastman Business Park and Corporate Real Estate Dolores Kruchten said. “With projects like this, our manufacturing expertise in energy storage is on display. Each success strengthens the industry; as it grows, so can we.”

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