How to Avoid Social Media Mistakes

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We’re all plugged into social media. It’s a daily part of our lives. We post and share information on Facebook and Instagram; we tweet about our lives and our businesses on Twitter; we look for jobs on LinkedIn; and we post and watch videos on YouTube.

There are more than 1.71 billion monthly active users just on Facebook so your small business should seriously look at having a presence on Facebook if you don’t already.

It’s so easy to make mistakes on social media when it comes to posting for your business. Here are some tips to avoid making mistakes with your small business social media posts.

Be focused

There are dozens of great social media platforms available and some of them are pretty strong. It’s tempting to be active on all of them. Unless you have a great social media team working for you, you won’t be able to successfully make an impact on all of the social media platforms.

If you try to be everywhere, you will quickly be overwhelmed. It’s best to choose 2 or 3 social media platforms that would work for your business. Knowing who your target audience is will help you choose which social media channels will work for your small business.

Be consistent

Most small business owners don’t have time to post every day. If they have free time, they’re tempted to post several times during that day. This is not the best way to make use of social media or your time.

Create a social media content calendar and stick to it. There are many tools, such as Hootsuite, that allow you to schedule your posts to different social media platforms. Your readers will come to expect a post from you on the same day and time each week. Don’t disappoint them.

Use spell check

You want to present a professional image on social media so make sure your posts are free of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.

Make sure your reread your content before publishing it to ensure it is perfect.

Be social

You’re on social media so be social with your followers. Responding to comments and questions is important. You want to engage your followers and this is the way to do it.

Are you ready to leap into social media for your small business?

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Laurie Enos is the co-owner of Blue Dog Marketing, a Rochester-based marketing firm that designs websites, logos and printed materials for small businesses. Laurie is also the president-elect of Rochester Professional Consultants Network. She can be reached at

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