Here’s a tale about film with some interesting twists!

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The memorable marketing slogan created by George Eastman himself: “you push the button, Kodak does the rest,” seems to have found new relevance. Only this time it’s not a camera button the customer taps with a finger – but a touch screen instead.

And that’s not the only time this anecdote has a unique twist!

Also being played out is the fact that these touch screens will utilize sensors based on silver halide crystals – a form of the same the technology that made Kodak the dominant name in the photographic film industry. And that’s not all - these sensors will be manufactured in the some of the same facilities at Eastman Business Park where the mass production of Kodak film began!

One day before Kodak’s re-listing on the New York Stock Exchange, comes word that Kodak and Kinsbury Corp. have reached an agreement with Taiwan-based JTouch Corp. to manufacture thin film-based touch screen sensors that will be integrated into a variety of next generation electronics products. The news represents the first time that a company will utilize Kodak silver halide metal mesh technology in its touch screen modules.

Under the agreement, JTouch will purchase the output of silver-based touch-sensor film produced by Kingsbury’s manufacturing facility in Building 318 at EBP. The facility is expected to ramp up production on a new high-volume roll-to-roll coating line during the second quarter to meet demand levels required by JTouch.

Read the news release for more details about this exciting development!

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