EBP’s Biomaterials Advanced Manufacturing Center is in the spotlight at Biofuels Leadership Conference

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Eastman Business Park’s Bioscience Advanced Manufacturing Center is in the spotlight this week as the world’s top biomaterials commercialization leaders in business, government, science and finance are gathering in Washington, D.C. for the annual Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference. More than 100 CEOs of companies in the renewable chemicals and biomaterials sectors, as well as over 500 policymakers, financiers, producers, investors, business development experts and marketers are represented at the conference.

Here the groundwork is being established for technology sharing, key partnerships and winning strategies in every aspect of the biomaterials marketplace. EBP attended two years ago from the outside looking in. Today, the Park has exciting news to talk about beyond the scope of its well-known infrastructure and capabilities. It takes the form of the planned $25 million, 60,000 square foot fermentation facility – the Biomaterials Advanced Manufacturing Center – where upstream sugar suppliers will be able to convert their biomaterials into high value downstream products such as biochemicals and biodegradable plastics.

Mike Alt, director of Eastman Business Park, says he will focus his presentation on the new center as a commercialization and toll manufacturing facility, offering a low cap-ex solution for many mid-stage bio companies to convert tons of non-food biomaterials into high value sugars utilizing EBP’s infrastructure, refining capabilities and integrated utilities. Support is already lining up. More on that after the conference.

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The Bioscience Manufacturing Center is at the heart of Eastman Business Park’s fully-integrated innovation ecosystem for biomaterials innovation. This state-of-the-art 60,000 square-foot fermentation center will have high-energy stainless steel tanks ranging from 40K to 250K liters. It will be made available to companies as a toll manufacturing facility to convert 30,000 tons of first and second generation sugars into a wide range of renewable chemicals and biodegradable plastics. This exciting commercialization initiative poses a unique low cap-ex solution for many mid-stage bio-companies, and will create hundreds of new advanced manufacturing jobs. Here's an artist rendering of this new facility.

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