EBP Biomaterials Manufacturing Center: the topic is bubbling in Rochester

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Biomaterials manufacturers aren’t the only ones discussing the new Eastman Advanced Manufacturing Center for Biomaterials. Members of the Greater Rochester community are getting involved too. Such was the case recently when the topic was the highlight of a recent local radio talk show, Eyes on the Future.

Fielding questions from inquiring minds, Mike Alt, director of Eastman Business Park, where the $25 million, 60,000 square foot facility will be built, said groundbreaking is slated for early fall. He said the project will include installation of seed, fermentation, sterilization and storage tanks as well as placement of pumps, compressors and materials separation equipment, plus new loading docks and overall improvements to the campus transportation grid.

When the facility goes online in 2016, Alt said upstream sugar suppliers will be able to convert their biomaterials into high value products such as biochemicals and biodegradable plastics. When added to what’s already at EBP – bio-refineries, specialty chemicals pilot and manufacturing capabilities, water and waste water treatment facilities and rail access, Alt said all the physical pieces will be in place for a fully-functioning biomaterials ecosystem. That, he said, will attract further investment and additional tenants, and create hundreds of new jobs at EBP.

Listen to the complete radio program: Biomaterials Advanced Manufacturing at EBP

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