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When Eastman Business Park director Mike Alt attended the Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference two years ago in Washington, D.C., he had plenty of opportunities to talk about the potential of the Park as a center for biomaterials innovation. This week, when he returns to the ABLC – the largest biofuels symposium of its kind on the continent – he’ll have an even more compelling story to tell. Because the word “potential” is now being supplanted by hard and fast plans to build a new state of the art, 60,000 square foot advanced manufacturing center for biomaterials.

The new, $25 million facility will enable upstream sugar suppliers to convert their biomaterials into high value products such as biochemicals and biodegradable plastics. When added to what’s already at EBP – bio-refineries, specialty chemicals pilot and manufacturing capabilities, water and waste water treatment facilities and rail access, all the physical pieces will be in place for a fully-functioning biomaterials ecosystem.

Keep reading to see the details about the ongoing transformation of EBP from a chemical facility to one embracing the clean technology sector.

Eastman Business Park is the only multi-faceted industrial complex on the continent that unites research and manufacturing space, plus utilities, transportation, water/wastewater treatment, workforce excellence and technological, process and operational superiority — all in one place!

The Biomaterials Advanced Manufacturing Center is at the heart of Eastman Business Park’s fully-integrated innovation ecosystem for biomaterials innovation. This state-of-the-art 60,000 square-foot fermentation center will have high-energy stainless steel tanks ranging from 40K to 250K liters. It will be made available to companies as a toll manufacturing facility to convert 30,000 tons of first and second generation sugars into a wide range of renewable chemicals and biodegradable plastics. This exciting commercialization initiative poses a unique low cap-ex solution for many mid-stage bio-companies, and will create hundreds of new advanced manufacturing jobs. Here's an artist rendering of this new facility.

See why EBP's critical mass, physical assets and technical talent are a tremendous and ready resouce to any company looking to substantially reduce the time and expense it takes to become self-sustaining, to create advanced manufacturing jobs in the new economy, and turn a profit.

Download the BioMaterials Innovation at Eastman Business Park Brochure:

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