Analytical Sciences


World-Class Expertise -- Your Total Solution for Analytical Understanding

Kodak's Analytical Sciences Group provides a Full Spectrum of Analytical Knowledge and Capabilities to Support:

  • Chemical and Materials Characterization
  • Manufacturing Problem Solving
  • Research and Development Innovation
  • Reverse Engineering / Product Deformulation
  • Routine Analytical Testing

A record of Quality, Experience, and Technical Leadership

We have demonstrated success in partnership with Kodak businesses, Kodak Research Laboratories, and Eastman Business Park, Rochester, NY. We are currently providing long-term analytical support to several multinational companies. Selected quality control and release testing to support manufacturing are available nights and weekends.

Selected Areas of Expertise

We specialize in interdisciplinary analytical problem solving and have expert analytical scientists with backgrounds in polymer and materials science, engineering, physics, and other scientific disciplines ready to address your materials characterization needs.

Coated Layers, Thin-Films, and Associated
  • Surface characterization
  • Interfaces, depth profiling
  • Micromechanical properties
  • Failure analysis
  • Reverse engineering
  • Structure elucidation
  • Purity
  • Trace contamination
  • Deformulation
  • Commercial materials identification
Microelectronics and MEMS
  • Contamination
  • Process understanding
  • Device structure analysis
  • Device physics and chemistry
  • Structure analysis
  • Additives, residual monomer
  • Molecular weight, dilute solution properties
  • Degradation and stabilization
  • Cure chemistries
  • Thermal properties
  • Melt rheology
  • Optical properties
  • Surfaces and interfaces
  • Particle size
  • Morphology
  • Crystal structure
  • Particle surface coatings
  • Optical properties
Reverse Engineering and Deformulation

Analytical Method Development and Equipment Selection


Abridged Listing of Our Analytical Capabilities and Instrumentation

  • Capillary Electrophoresis
  • Contact Angle
  • Density Measurement
  • Electronic Spectroscopy
  • Gas Chromatography, GC/MS
  • Ion Chromatography, IC/MS
  • Liquid Chromatography, UHPLC
  • Mass Spectrometry, LC/MS
  • Micro-IR
  • Micro-mechanical / Physical Characterization
  • NMR
  • Optical Microscopy
  • Particle Analysis
  • Polymer Composition
  • Profilometry
  • Pyrolysis GC/MS
  • Rheology
  • SEM, AFM
  • Size Exclusion Chromatography
  • Surface Tension / Energy
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Wet Chemical Methods
  • Bruker Contour GTX optical profiler
  • X-ray Diffraction
  • X-ray Fluorescence